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North Vancouver Real Estate Testimonial

Donna and Phil,

Reflecting on last night and the past week has my mind full.

It was a very short and intense course on how to do things right!

Dealing with two of the most professional realtors one could hope to meet was a start.
Watching you in action was a treat!

Don’t loose sight of what you have done for Bryan and I, our five kids and most importantly, our sister Susan.
Take a moment to celebrate, “come on really”

- 14 offers,

- $42K over list

- 5% over the ask

- one week from list to sell

That doesn’t happen everyday. You are allowed to be a little proud!

The two of you, your attention to detail, doing those all those little extra things, and the effort, in awe of the effort you put in.

That made it happen!

Our sister Susan didn’t take easily to others but she would have been impressed with both of you.

Thank you for honouring her memory with how you looked after her home.

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