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About Kevin Macauley

“I have lived and worked in North Vancouver since 1979. I spent over 30 years serving the public as a Fire Fighter on the North Shore. Once I retired from the Fire Department I still held a desire to provide a valuable service to people. Service is my strength. I bring the same level of integrity and respect to the home buying and selling process that I carried throughout my career in firefighting. Fire Fighters are often seen as one of the most trusted professions and it is my pledge to honour that public trust in all aspects of my life.

I spend a lot of time volunteering with seniors. They are a vibrant and active part of our community which really reflects the diversity of our home.

For the past five years my success has been based entirely on the positive outcome of my clients. I have had the pleasure of helping folks buy and sell, not only on the North Shore but right across the lower mainland and into the interior. I am happy to do live house tours (via Skype or Facetime) for busy clients who are unable to make it in person. This works well for properties outside of the lower mainland.

My passion really is the search for just the right property. There is great satisfaction in finding and ultimately making a purchase of a home or investment that meets the needs and desires of buyers.

I am very excited to begin a new phase of my real estate career. I have joined Phil LeGree's team and couldn’t be more pleased. Phil is one of the most respected agents in the business and his marketing plan is second to none. Working together we can get your home sold which will allow me the time to focus on finding your new property.”

Contact me at 778-926-0684 

Kevin Macauley

Keller Williams Realty